Research & Development

Our core Research and Development objectives are:

  • Improving quality by upgrading and improving manufacturing technology and processes
  • Developing new products and processes
  • Maintain quality practice
  • Upgrading laboratory and production with modest technology to maintain standardization
  • Study the needs of the customers to deliver the best

It is only through self betterment that success is made consistent. This has been the primary idea behind the various modern and well-equipped research facilities that are in operation. The organization regularly invests in the research and development of better and advanced products. These efforts have borne fruit in the many new and quality products that the company has released over the years and continues to do so. It is with this facility that we are able to create tailor made solutions for clients; which stand as a mark of the continued customer satisfaction. Having catered to the requirements of the industry for the long time, we come with an in-depth knowledge of all our customers and their processes, which assist us in reducing our response time to the customer.


ARL is committed to providing the best to its customers. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction and introduce consistency in it by providing premium quality products and service. We comply with the necessary applicable regulatory requirements and adhere to its norms. We seek continuous improvement for consistent client satisfaction through periodical review of our quality objectives. We strongly believe in quality practice. Utmost care is taken, throughout the procurement and distribution process to ensure that materials possess rigorous standardization and strict specifications. We have been maintaining the quality practice and are equipped with sophisticated and technologically advanced equipments where highly skilled team of research chemists, engineers and technicians are working to deliver the best possible products to the consumers.


Arlex Chemi adds environmental considerations into business decisions; we supply our products and processes with a view to minimize the environmental, health & safety hazards. We maintain the highest level of compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. At ARL, we believe that the quality of environment is a measure of social progress; therefore safety, disaster prevention and environmental preservations are our top priority.